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MotherFatherSon (2019) TV Series Review

Summary: Since You Can’t Wash Your Brain, Scrub Hard Your Eyes! I don’t know how the UK put up with watching this series, what is worse than a struggle? Everyone’s ‘brain scan activity’ must be low …. Listening to the … Continue reading

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Flack (2019) TV Series Review

Summary: This Show Tries Too Hard I feel like the premise of this series/cinema wise has been done lots before! I don’t care to do any extended search. If someone else is in agreeson finds Iarge or small similarities I … Continue reading

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The Bay (2019) UK TV Series

I wanted to like this but each episode became more tedious. It doesn’t help that the female lead has no likable factor, her partner had no reasoning for being there, that was shown. The adult families featured, all the actors … Continue reading

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Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover (Official Video)

Beautiful song however sometimes I think the high notes are octave too high! I prefer his previous songs over this one because of this. Sam is like the male Adele in the Uk and catching on fast in North America. … Continue reading

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http://www.youtube.com/user/JacksGap?feature=watch http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/jacksgap?before=1341114843 These 19 year old UK twinks are hella hot and so funny in all their videos! Subscribe and don’t tell me you don’t agree!!

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