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Point Blank (2019) – Movie Review

Summary: Did The Three Well Known Actors Need Money Between Hard Times And Enjoy Low Budget Experience? Lets do something unlawful and take a hostage. Who is all dirty? blah blah blah. Netflix do TV and Documentary series which do … Continue reading

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Euphoria (2019) TV Series Review

Summary: Not Sure Who Watches This On HBO? Is Netflix Teen Demographic Binge Show  It’s the movie Kids, with Havoc, and few others mixed into the combo for new era to see. Does it check off this box, and this … Continue reading

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Summary: I Have To Stop Watching Teen Shows On Netflix! Ummmm The Soundtrack was great! The lesbian is hard to look at for ten episodes, and like never changes appearance is the take I got. The one girl who met … Continue reading

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BlacKkKlansman(2018)- Movie Review

Summary: How True To The Story Is This? As My Thought above, this movie seemed exaggerated to me. Whatever status of it is, the movie, is so damn long, Lots of repetitive scenes, dialogue. I personally am not a fan … Continue reading

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Gifs And Pictures- September 2019


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Whimsically Volatile Podcast #55: Tammie Brown!

Testing to see if this works! I love me some Miss Tammie Brown! First season of Rupaul’s Drag Race part of the shows history in great way,Google,YouTube it! I hope to see Tammie Live’ in my lifetime. This is must … Continue reading

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Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ (TV) (2019)- TV Review

Summary: Nice To See Classic TV Shows Redone Live With No Changes, Not A Movie It is sad that this was brought back to today’s time for viewing as that is how far backward today’s society has come. Having said that, … Continue reading

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