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Gifs And Pictures November 2019

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Lil Kim- Promotion Interview & Stream For “9” CD

Different faces  etc… but still bringing queen. Helps when Nicki  gone for while. Shame no mainstream radio video play. Hope she gets a Cardi B collaboration!

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Gifs And Pictures October 2019

Who’s  face is this, I would sue?  

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Summary: Rebel’ Rebel’ Against This Movie Horrible movie although proud of self for watching all way though even if paused a lot. Has Miss Rebel ever done a classy movie, something non trashy her version of comedy? Time to do … Continue reading

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Sizzy Rocket- Real Life (Liz Remix)

I have had this song in my various media players for some time, like it a lot. Does the beginning and few other parts not sound like Lady Gaga? Liz puts out great music as well herself, other peoples music, … Continue reading

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Brightburn (2019) – Movie Review

Summary: Better Than Most Give It A Look See! The acting was well done, often rare for these genres; Other than child’s arrival on earth there is little syfy just letting all know. The jump scares are good, few kills … Continue reading

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Stranger Things- Season 3 Review

Summary: Season 3: Don’t Expect Love Found In Series Prior Oh Look its the Big Bad ******** What other nationality could it be after the North Americans esp. in the 80’s? A muscle head lead of them stereotyped to look … Continue reading

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