What/If (2019) TV Review

What If

Summary: This Ain’t ‘Revenge’ on ABC/ $ Wasted 

Show may come from Revenge creators, but are they capable of doing something different is my question? Currently a no! This supposed to be binge show, just drags on and on and on. It becomes wknd chores you not getting enough extra allowance for lol. There are numerous characters, their subplots some may want to focus on, then the other mish mash not so much.
Myself being gay, I was invested in the gay story-line. Some hotness, expanding’ ones shyness. I found this, most soap’ element part of show, that wasn’t trying to be like Melrose Place… like other plots. Derek Smith is a hot ginger!

The start of main star Renee’s story is just one note caricature no depth. It’s like what are the secrets, suspense, any background, who are you…? If you sitting at eps. 7, still waiting for more; That should tell smart people they could make this show better! Renee is no Madeleine Stowe, I miss her! It pissed me off the show creators casted actor who played Nolan Ross on Revenge in significant scenes. Takes you away from their new show, comparison to old character played. Blake shouts and cries about, he is okay eyeball wise.

Jane Levy, hope someone is in agreeson with me?!, Still sounds, looks like a teenager. The dedicated smartness to her cause, I just wasn’t buying. That brought me out of the main plot-line as well. Every separate plot-line after watching this all, felt like its own movie, Not A Good Thing! Final Verdicts: Anthology Series is Good Thing Wrapped All In One/ Done, So anyone who gave ….. can get over the cancellation coming!!! Didn’t notice until end, Renee’s good ol’ turkey neck, its’s brutal! Didn’t notice until end, Renee’s good ol’ turkey neck, its’s brutal! 3/10 number seems fitting for a ‘threesome’

The Main Trio- “Money Can’t Buy You Class” – LuAnn De Lessep

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