A Welcome Back?! My First WordPress Post 6 Years Ago, Stuck in Draft Format DUH!

I was going to rid my old MSN blog but decided WTF why not explore WordPress and see how it operates as seen other bloggers do better with it than Google apparently. Let Me first say I don’t know what the fuck I am doing yet and this is a blind run at blogging. I am typing in the smallest fucking box so I hope there is a fix for that first and foremost.I am just going to go off on random subjects as don’t have pretext to this blog title today so bare with me. I would love to have some comments though, as they are free and I need the love to be honest.

I saw this quote regarding a guy’s cock and a younger individual. “I caught myself a birdie with my wormie” Does this make you smile or grimace?

This is TMI I know but I want a glass balled dildo! Would they not be easier to clean and not as wide for usage?

I told one of my best friends and his brother I wanted a retractable wine opener, and they are like no such thing exists. I am like get more gay and starting watching the Real Housewives of OC, It was recently profiled on an episode this season. I am not good at opening wine bottles obviously. Speaking of which the above bestie also recently made some homemade wine with his mother and let me try some and it was quite good. Wine gets on drunk fast so have at it all!

I saw the latest episode of Law and Order SVU tonight and Rose Mcgowan was guest star. Damn her face is even more fucked up that past. Why do actresses continue to mess with their faces esp. when still relatively young? (Edit 2016, Was unaware of her accident at time, but am sure some overage still done?!)

2 Books I am waiting to read one out now is Neil Strauss’s Everyone Love’s You When You’re Dead. I love his biographies, he did Marilyn Manson’s, Motley Crue’s and Jenna Jamesons of note. The other book I wish to read available June 7 is Steve-O Professional Idiot. You know this guy will have lots of crazy shit in it with him being a member of the MTV Jackass crew.

I got my new driver’s license recently, they finally went high tech with more security cautions with bars and strips and readers all over it. My picture as per norm is the worst. What put me off though was the attachment that came with license that said Saskatchewan is a landscape of big skies, lush forests, and golden wheat fields. This is not something really to be proud of, not to mention we don’t have much forest except for one region when not burning lol. On a related subject, it’s the same as Saskatoon’s motto for entering their city, “Saskatoon Shines” Excuse me, at what? When? We rarely have sun in our skies and not for long period anyhow, so am I right or am I right?

Firefox keeps shutting my computer down and it’s pissing me off to the max. Anyone have suggestions as to which I should replace it with? Adobe flash player is also being wicked cunt so watch out there all, esp. if it messes with your video on YouTube. I followed the advice on Google and was able to correct their latest problems with their updates of program but for how long one wonders? I wish to erase all my temp files on this computer and others but don’t know how to find them on a search to do so. Does anyone know how to type that in proper to pull up. I think a lot of shit slips in and stays in memory taking up space unpacking Win-rar files which I do always?! Am I correct or way off base?

I recently moved into a larger room in the house that I rent at. However the room is gross for the viewing. I can’t believe my roomie before he switched downstairs lived here way is for five some years. I wish camera was working so could take picture of how hideous. It is slowly driving me insane, I kid you not. It is old walls so not likely as easy to remove the wall paper on 3 of the 4 walls. It is green cloudy vine mixed with pink splatters throughout. I need some sort of steamer method to rid this atrocity asap. Any help would be appreciated. I aim to take out the crusty carpet below my feet as well as disgusting as well. Will have to do test strip there first to see what is there for floor. Now to find money for paint and what not?

Going back to my computer again, it is full no space. I have no money to buy backup or more storage. ugghh! My other computers are not with me now and are infected or have other problems as well. I get mad everyday that not one complete computer works for me. and the burners on them not accommodating my movies, or the program it needs to do so not proper.

My cousin’s wedding is end of next month and I cant’ afford a gift or new outfit to attend. Being poor so sucks!

So many things in life I need a fix on, most involve money and that situation not changing anytime soon.

Hope your week is more candies and rainbows than mine is. Thanks for reading this far and please do comment back to me.

Mucho Love,


About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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