My Opinion On The State of Music

Can I just say I gave up on the Voice TV show this year and American Idol last year. I feel great about it as well, its so tragic and bloated. Those who come out of shows thinking they will be something, not so in many a year, its not like the early years of shows. Why do they still continue? Greed, laziness on both sides. Really?, Viewers of the world you complain more than compliment on these voter shows the whole season promise every year you are done and then don’t follow through. (You know why Walking Dead and most cable shows are held in such prestige and ratings two times of talent shows? In case of WD, there is more reality in all scripted shows than what is force fed, manipulated we could go on and on with talent shows. The smart are back or slowly not walking dead lol enough so that they are changing that channel to something worthy of water cooler talk not even on network many days. You had a good reign music reality shows but bow out gracefully, give back 8-10 hours per week of network TV to what was before you, drama and comedy, or until a new genre is created. Do it soon before cable and streaming TV kills you further lol. Your ratings are half of what started with. The pay you give to judges alone, viewers should be not at ease with this. Really!? TV watchers you think what they make, warrants what they do? Adam Levine will always be a douche and you allowed this, giving him, all the music judges on these shows some of the highest amount pay per year over actors. Think about this as you keep watching this crap, how easy you can reverse this, bring things to normalcy, put TV as TV and music, yes music!, judges, try outs back to their one genre where they always belonged, as their own industry! Show the tri-hards who tried out for show how you you had to work your asses off for long time to get what u now have. If these people who audition for these shows, still travel with no show to where music gets them further, can do what you did in your day to get that deal. Guess what now? More legitimacy, money saved for music industry Finally the cancellation of these shows, you will never hear this shit again that you would not tolerate in real life: Call this number with 1-888, 1-800, scams etc… and feeding another conglomerate, phone companies money they never deserved. If I tried as hard as I could for show and then no one followed through or cared after, would that not weigh on you as a human that you are just that number after your name? It would bother me hustle and flow or not. If you are really good you will make it and hopefully more on your own without an army of yes people and overpaid judges. Did I plead my case or what readers?

I am not an executive, however come on morons, its a singles business, release two at different points, if success follows, then you proceed with CD and other formats. Why would any contestant on these shows,the producers assume the grand prize, full length CD of winner is going to be instant hit? The few who can still have the term, ‘Stars’ announced after their name,when money was everywhere, labels,handlers,lawyers, whatever made up title was given for many to cash in,then the STARS got their cut! The stars still existing,managed to keep their own money are blessed getting in on early era and getting their money.If any of the first stars had to deal with what the music industry is now, fuck wouldn’t have things been a different sonic universe?! Music today is still struggling with change, didn’t adapt to technology changes in general the public demanded like the movies and TV did. I have zero pity for what has happened, they wanted to stay rich as pigs trying old format no one would pay for anymore. The crooks being the suits, all got your asses owned for their greed,no smarts, so suck it! I will continue to enjoy the current war in music industry, streaming controversy, money wars over it. Based on how few artists in last few decades, all was said and done after. many had fame, but no money. The suits question why no one wants to sign with the few big music labels, now a tiny few? Artists are getting the money first now, more control, putting in their own work, no big teams and decadence etc.. What word started it all and is now the common word? Let me tell you what it is, INDIE!!! Get that money all doing it this route.

With the decline of the old business model, unfair contracts etc.. musicians made their money with excessive long tour dates, ridiculous priced merchandise. The public buys these items up around the world, will always do so. Why? A smart person let it be known quickly world wide, the actual SINGER (s), bands, the faces and voices, the true talent take that money,to manage as they please. Isn’t it nice that a whole fucking industry is being taken back by who matters? The old STARS,future ear candy that will try and make their mark likely under different fandom status name not the old,’Star’.

What is still a problem, needs to be removed? Those who don’t sing their own CDS, can’t sing even one note live. I don’t know how Britney Spears hasn’t been sued yet its wrong. Viral sensations, manufactured acts, come see, come saw, so long! Be happy the rest of your life labelled as one hit wonder? The list is staggering year to year. If you can’t have a lengthy amount of songs brought to the table, not enough to get interest of public then WTF? Why are you still trying? It becoming embarrassing and costly for you, time for a new career. Many stay in some other form of entertainment industry and those who know their truth take that olive branch and excel. Those that still blindly soldier on, you’re wasting YOUR money, the handful of fans you had are now questioning how they will be bullied as still being one lol.

This triple threat shit system is over, over, over! If you can pull out all the stops today, it’s legit, time will tell. How many the legit tt’s can do it everyday live around the world. EXACTLY?!, NEXT! No more frauds, it is no longer tolerated, those who solely do one thing, MUSIC, the name of the business, is always to remain the number one. The simple question, Can You sing? oh’, You can, the talent is there,deals made. No more short cuts, make heavy restrictions laws on how much singing can be altered by auto tune! Lastly, those that are in head positions in music industry should have proven degrees in music and business, salaries at maximum cap. Any money bonuses would not be granted ever, instead given to music education across America! The people outside walking by the big industry offices daily are the true power stopping the sleaze that muscled in on old guard with, Oh’ the young ones will love, buy what we shove at them. The greed will not return if changing panels of general public have their say as a number of importance voting as share holders.

If after an individual is a singer first, established, then wants to dance, act, then try those next each separate. Lets be real here celeb needs to be word taken back. How to do this easy, restriction on media world wide at one time. If you are going to dabble in everything guess what the ego is coming down some because take it or leave it you can do one promo tour at a time and caps on amount of covers, interviews etc.. including all gossip and tabloid magazine. The public let you in to their lives, letting you try’expand your talents. This new ruling should be a win win, audiences would never get over saturated with any given star or starlet! Don’t think we need TT’s, that is a lie, insulting to the viewers who in the end determines if other talent is worthy of following in chosen other formats. The customer is always right, really should apply ‘Everywhere’ world wide! Who makes you, and can break you, not the suits! Anyone thinking they are instantly better trying this format is a fool in today’s time. Audiences can not be fooled like in past decades. It is a celebs gamble here, if you fail or pick the wrong project, there is less mercy and forgiving. Remember dear TT’ attempters you can be sent back to your first talent super fast and stay there. The public’s allowance here will be fleeting. One thing sadly in this world that won’t ever change, even for the famous is someone usually comes down in different levels of falls mind you, to bring the new “It’ thing up! To put an end to the TT’s , When does a singer or musician start being called an artist? I plead my case dear readers!

Going back to where this article started, The Voice! Judge and singer Gwen Stefani with heavy promotion on show has put out 2 new singles one after other quickly, lets not mince words, the songs are complete shit, embarrassing for someone of her past hits. Putting out juvenile, literally nursery pop rhymes, thinking because you are on the show, a different demographic, success. This thought process is insulting to genuine music listeners and sad! If you thought this is what today’s music industry needed, with a moving face lol, Can still sit there as a judge on a music talent show, then hello people why are you still watching such shit? The charts don’t lie, the most loyal music consumers won’t buy everything just because your name is on it.What does our dear Gwen who was after the ‘Star era do?, Take her head out of her ass, go back to rock with her band No Doubt. Second option: Instead of trying to cash in on what that last act sounded like with this hot team on track, fellow judge Pharrell you one of those. Dear Gwennie, you are smarter than this, know if you want to have the proper “comeback” CD, you do that shit on your OWN~! Be you musicians, take what you can into your hands that has always been the fight! You are currently winning musicians, stay on this path by not trying to sound like someone else, copying the last hit. The music business is not going backwards,those with the wallets won’t support greed from artists either not even shit singles on streaming sites. Shit is shit! Don’t feed us any pile and you will be worthy of the term comeback!!! I plead my case dear readers!

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Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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