Transparent- TV Review


If anyone is looking for some new gay English television to watch, I would recommend this. I watched all 10 half hour episodes in the last few days. Now that I am done season one I want more, longer episodes, more than 10 for season 2.

This show may be too slow for some and is not a comedy,which is being classified as. This show is what they now call dramedy which should be new category already in awards show nominations. The show is definitely a grower and exceptionally gay outside trans father character. The actors were outstanding and well cast, production was good. I know this may sound weird, I found all the characters stories within the family far more interesting than the trans father. The show is an ensemble cast indeed.

The winner of this show is Gaby Hoffmann, like her recent guest starring in HBO’s Girls, she kills it playing quirky characters. Some may say the characters aren’t likeable, that is understandable, however if you like it warts and all this show is for you!!! Episode 7 was the best and needs spoiler talk when more people watch this please!!!

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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