Quotes From My Ripped Out Pieces of Paper- Pop Culture Sound Bites


I never use a memo pad thing if there is such a thing on computer, so here goes a bunch of stuff that is not in sync and am just putting it on here to record for memory, So far this post is quotes mainly from TV shows.

“Somebody pass me a cracker, for all that dick cheese!” Lisa Lampanelli

“Once you go fruit, your place will look cute!” Lisa Lampanelli

“I haven’t forgotten you fucked my husband you useless fucking vagina” Shameless

“Don’t you fuckin’ hop away from us you fuckin’ whore. Shameless

“You’ve taken my whore crown and are wearing it well!” “It’s a little big, I am wearing it as a belt!” Shameless

“He’s either got a tiny penis or a huge clit!” Shameless

“I’m eating chocolate and its the lowest form of chocolate, fundraiser chocolate!” Hot in Cleveland

“I did not punch you in the face to hear you talk more!” Hot in Cleveland

“Perhaps I swing one way, and then toward you!” Hot in Cleveland

“I want to fit into my short- shorts, it might take some time- time!” Hot in Cleveland

“Lets make like big tits and bounce!” Aubrey O’ Day

“You little piece of dribble piss!” Absolutley Fabulous

“Shit happens and then you live!” Anna Nicole Smith

“I wont’ sue if I poo!” Happy Endings

“If you’re gonna love it, you’s got to luvs all of it!” Happy Endings

“He better ram his titanic into my iceberg soon!” Are You There Chelsea

“The only point you have is at the end of your finger” ?

“Butt sex is the real deal,   there is reason why is call but not sex!” Big C

“If she is saving the tush, don’t touch the tush!” Big C

“You have to go down to go up!” Big C

“Sorrow you can drown, Rage only floats!” Big C

“My jaw hurts!” Was it hurting all day long when you were talking my ear off?!” Veep

“Fist full of fucks!” Veep

“There aren’t enough people in here to fill a fucking canoe!” Veep

“This has been pencil fucked! Veep

“Can you get me some real coffee instead of this fucking beige paint being served!” Veep

“Are you stoned?” “Like a gravel road bitch!” Ralphie May

“Horton hears a star bellied queef!” Ralphie May

“You look like fuck pie!” Ralphie May

“You look like someone licked the red off you candy!” GCB

“I like to be tickled not stabbed!” RHWOA

“Fuck it, come and gay me!” Skins

“I caught myself a birdie with my wormie!” ?

“Her vagina is rated E for Everyone! Big Rich Texas

“Love is like a dump, sometimes it works itself out, sometimes you need to give it a hard slimey push!” ?

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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