This site really is shitty, I had close to 100 movie releases in a list and MSN erased them somehow. As if I would do it myself. When I tried to add moe it appeared it wouldn’t go past that amount, WTF? Nothing should ever be capped on someone’s blog space. Worse yet this retarded site won’t let you edit your own blogs once submitted???Another important thing of note is this fucked up site is not allowing embed codes, so having said that what is the point of continuing. I will let you all know when I get a real blog started. I have not done so until now not as much through being lazy but name of blog, total idea, and format layout.

My computer is full with movies again, I have not cleared things up yet as want to watch some stuff before I save it, how OCD of me. I am trying to watch some indi movie Hilary Duff did called What Goes Up that went straight to dvd but it is total crap. When I am through with that soon I will be able to download the Nicholas Cage movie Knowing.

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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