It’s my Birthday, another year done and gone, all I’m saying is I am in my thirties.  
Drinks will be done in moderation as weeknight. Will likely check out
the Proposal movie on weekend as stated earlier in thread. I got nice
gift from parents awhile back the clickfree backup hardrive which I
would have to say is one of the best and a God send to anyone. I am
going to buy an outfit tomorrow, bought a few household things and
sandles today.

Summer has finally arrived here, about fucking time, thirty degree weather.  
Not a blessing for the poor farmers though as no rain and well we know
the end result there. I have to hike my ass to bare ass beach and check
out the action there, never made it out there last year.

week was great for all purposes am told. I only hung around for the
last weekend. Took in a high energy drag show Friday night, which was
interesting.  prior to that with my best friends met up at martini type
lounge street side and met some new friends along the way. Said friends
just came back from Vegas as previously stated so they had all new
fashion garb. I called them label whores and the
table went silent lol. Ironically they then brought up that they wanted
the song Fashion by Lady Gaga, and Heidi Montag as well. Whatever they
knew it was just joking, but the new arrivals were bit stunned.

was the gay dance at some hall and was sold out, however I was able to
finagle a wristband off a friend who was leaving and stayed for awhile,
and pals already got in by slim margin. Now you have to understand that
the last night of pride festivities in a small city always brings out
the lot that you only see once a year and will then proclaim themselves
openly gay. I saw many old pals, some married, (still a factor who
knows?), several ex boyfriends, lays. It was quite ridic. Stuck around
for few hours there, was amused some twink came running up to me and
threw his phone number in my hand and then ran off. Have yet to call on
 The one and only gay bar after that was packed to the rafters as they
say. Lined up there for hour just to get in, seldom a happening. It was
alright, just to hot temperature wise for my liking and I don’t have
the take the shirt off look, wouldn’t want to if did.

A guy I
used to rave with back in the day who is now married and is a massage
therapist was on me like white on rice so that was also amusing to both
me and my friends especially on the dance floor. Hey I got a free body
massage pretty much everywhere for free and many a peep watching, I
didn’t really give a fuck and just went with the flow. However after
few music tracks with him, that was done, He apparently said to my one
friend, back off he’s mine, so that was rude and also fucking
hilarious. Was bit buzzed both nights but not annihilated, and packed
it in either when show was over or liquor stopped flowing. All in all
not a bad weekend for someone who seldom goes out, but is openly gay

Wanted a quick refreshment before went home and made
dinner today, sweet sour meatballs/rice, and got a Caramel frappe from
Starbucks. I like cold coffee drinks from time to time and the sweet
doesn’t hurt but damn once all gone, the after taste is almost like
being a smoker again. I don’t know how you caffeine addicts do it,
similar to smoker am sure, but  how do you handle that and the possible
halitosis?   Gum, mint spray?

Would any of you ever go to a gay rodeo?

hope the law passes that makes it that TV commercials are not allowed
to be of higher volume than program content it is sponsoring, Anyone
with me?

Call me late to the game but are there many devices
on the market for i pods and the like that work for under water
sportsmen? Apparently there must be as the headphones exist, and
Michael Phelps has a new endorsement for H20 Audio line.

Much Love,

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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1 Response to IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Joseph says:

    Happy Birthday good sir!

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