Surveys, Do they really get problems solved?

I filled out a huge ass online survey after receiving a entry form to win shit from the Cineplex movie chain when I went there for movie last week. This was the end response I gave them when long survey was over.

I find in the city I am in, Saskatoon,Sk. that Galaxy movie chain has become kind of a pig. This being that they rarely if ever put movies in the Center Cinemas that are new openings. This is unfair and not cool by many consumers. You must realize that not all want to pay more money for all the bells and whistles and that some will pay less for normal service. You must also take into account that Centre Cinemas is attached to mall which still gets great traffic and also covers the east side of city for those who don’t want to deal with your overly paid parking and trying to find a parking spot downtown. YOU REALLY SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS COMMENT AS IT IS TRUE AND MANY AGREE TO THE POINT YOU WILL FIND THIS COMPLAINT ONLINE AND IN THE LOCAL PAPERS. Satisfy your consumers by addressing these problems and putting into wide print these changes you can easily make. Regarding the comments on the concession part, your prices are ridiculous and the popcorn butter or whatever flavoring you call it is flavorless and gross, and often does not cover much of whole bag of popcorn, so it ends up to dry.  When the concession combos for 2 people cost more than the movie did, you have a huge problem of ripping off the consumer!!!

Do you agree with what I wrote? Do you think I will hear back or it will make a difference?

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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1 Response to Surveys, Do they really get problems solved?

  1. Unknown says:

    yeah i aggree but whether they will pay attention to it is another question… lets hope they do but i doubt they will… im such a scinyc

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