I have some sort of ear infection of some kind, but I am to lazy to go to Dr. thinking it will pass but no such luck. My left ear feels full of air and what feels like a cut inside. I want my full hearing back so I guess will visit doc tomorrow.

My computer appears to be my best friend for last year, how sad is that? Don’t answer I know the fuckin answer. Will I always be this lonely if I live in this province or city? Would there be any difference if i wasn’t gay? 
Some cute new guy on this forum I on constantly pm’d me and this was my response as to how I was doing lmfao:  (Yah I have some issues, but it covered the rest of this blog nicely)
"HI! You asked, Me tell you in a rant as me bored, Can you handle it? I am fucking real not like other fucks on here.
I am just very much revolted with the lovefest and over posting of 2 individuals on this site. I am so sick of everyone flocking to them, I just want to puke. I like GT to much to leave though.
It’s nice to see some new blood on GT, but please don’t be fake and stupid in certain fan threads or I don’t want to be your friend.  I am kind of the pop culture freak on GT, but hey better than egotistical fucks as said above lol.
Posted a hot new Dr. Dre track in my music thread on here. My player is now playing the new U2 track and it does indeed suck, my how the mighty have fallen, I hear the whole cd sucks.
Got a new bottle of poppers  :hystery: Will have to test those out later and see if they kick ass or not. Last one was major waste of money, no high.
I can’t stop drinking and snacking today, today is a day I wish I still smoked.
No one visits my fanthread anymore likely because of said assholes mentioned at top, fuck to many people in here have no individuality anymore.
I need to get laid, but hard to do so where live, so small city/area. I think I have out fucked everyone lol. Scratch that, I mean they out fucked me hint hint.
Five Alive Juice rules! The Greek style dry ribs I had from Greek restaurant for leftovers from last night are making me burp constantly. The guy who waited on my take out order looked like a cuter Jonas brother (who i hate by the way). He had the cutest little baby face and tight little but. I bet he worked as hostess cause to young to serve liquor lmfao.
My computer speakers pump out my music pretty kick ass and that is without amp as I live in apt.
Not sure as only watch clips from time to time, but I think on Young and the Restless, Sharon slept with her soon to be ex husband’s little brother, fuck that bitch gets around.
I have watched all the Oscar nominated movies except for one not of to much interest to me and have them all burnt to dvd.
I still like Lady Gaga but bitch is way overexposed, I knew her music the year before she hit big.  Perez Hilton  is ugly even with weight loss no matter how much he pimps out artists he will always be never as popular as those he mocks. He is guilty pleasure none the less the world can’t stop reading.
I don’t know many Canadians who use AIM?> Get msn messenger all the fuckers on here usually have or get it to chat on.
On an end note, I will never understand why certain fucks on here who have such lovely relationships in real life with their so called lovers, NEVER leave this site. If I had a bf I would rarely be here, would you?

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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1 Response to EAT ME!

  1. Othon says:

    Hey, David.I\’m really enjoying reading your blog. I just wanted to drop a message and tell you\’re not entire alone. There are other people like you. I\’m saying for myself who seem to have a life that apparently is the dream for everyone, but it isn\’t for who real lives it.Anyway, I don\’t want to spread my loneliness and shits of myself on you.Hope all the best to you, my friend.Love,Othon.

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