It’s Been To Long! (My Goldden Globes Blog!)

I am so fucking lazy, winter don’t help.However I did shovel off a mountain of snow off my deck today since warmed up some, It was as high as my BBQ. I really want to start a real blog site as this one don’t do shit and shuts you out in Pm hours. Not to mention the zero add ons or nice product layout design.  I would love to make a living as a blogger. I am good at it, and it is the future.  Anyhow here is my blog on The Golden Globe Awards. Let me know what you thought. Some of it i take back some of the harsh comments, but it was in the moment. Next Blog will be the Oscars. 
I’m bored so I am gonna live blog the event lol.  I am so glad the show for first time is doing all the big awards first, this is amazing to me and should always be this way. Rumer Willis as the golden globe girl how laughable, there is a reason why they call her potato head, she is one person everyone wants to get plastic surgery lol.

Yeah Kate Winslet won for the Reader for best supporting actress, about time she got a win, I anxiously await for this movie to be released.

Bruce Springsteen won for best song for the Wrestler, what the fuck is up with Sting’s look, dyed black hair and facial hair, ughh

Simon Baker a presenter is so hot! Marisa Tomei will surely win for worst dressed female

I wish Neal Patrick Harris from How I Met You Mother would have won, in supporting actor.  Jeremy Piven mercury poisoning my ass, what a loser. Tom Wilkinson won always a great actor in any role, but many people don’t have access to HBO premium channel movie outlets etc.. Laura Dern won for supporting actress. My mother wants to see all these minseries tv movies so i best get to downloading lol.

I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers love, they aren’t hot either, why are they even there? Wall-E won, I would have preferred Kung Fu Panda, but I guess a movie with a social message is what wins these days. it was good film though and had all the reviews to win it.

Gabriel Byrne won for In Treatment best actor, never seen that show either but hear is great. Hayden looked great as presenter, Zach not so fucking much, why are u so popular? NOW Chris Pine the new Captain Kirk, MMMMM! I am not huge Skylar fan, Zachary Quinto, but he is not bad looking either.

Anna Paquin won, yeah True Blood fans, popularity new wins@!! Way to bring it home as a Canadian!

Sally Hawkins, won for Happy Go Lucky, the Globes always have to pick one odd winner from across the pond, every year. I tried to watch this movie the other night and fast forwarded through it all, to quirky sweet character, barf about nothing for me. I guess Meryl’s musical wasn’t enough.  Johnny Depp looked fab as always.

Jake Gyllenhaal looks better with a shaved face.  Drew and Jessica been acting gay for each other all night, almost high like. Of course, John Adams won, Tom Hanks produced it.  Heath won, no surprise there, glad to see the director accepting all his awards as the gossip of others doing it was creating some bad buzz.

Spit your gum out Colin Farrell you pig, and making references to drugs ughh!

Ricky Gervais from earlier is just not my cup of tea, ughh!

Laura Linney from John Adams wins, she is great actress, HBO just a sweeping the tv movie awards as always, I know my mother is just like I want to see these movies lol.

Seth Rogan makes another drug reference, so low class, are you presenting as your character Zach, at least Miri Elizabeth looks hot and is proper. Seth looks odd skinny.  Slumdog won best screenplay, likely to win picture to.

Alec Baldwin won, deserved, funny show and role, more need to watch 30 Rock, over that mess Grey’s Anatomy,(watch that shows first hour then switch lol)

Megan Fox is a presenter because she gives good face/pussy lol? 

Another John Adams win for Paul

Maggie Gyllenhaal is built like a man, not liking her or Renée Zellweger’s fulgy dresses either.

30 rock wins but Tracy Morgan is such a bafoon.  At least Alec Baldwin had the good sense to get him to thank Jeff Zucker who is the one keeping the show on the air.

Glen Close is the only one who can maybe rock a pantsuit.

Slumdog deserved best soundtrack, and Kate Beckinsale looked stunning presenting award.

Tina Fey wins no shocker, but is it for the role or just her year period. Christina Applegate looks great, wait to come back from breast cancer, looking so hot.

Puff Daddy or whatever his name is today makes me want to vomit. Dustin Hoffman looks like dwarf next to his costar Emma Thompson. Slumdog wins best director, again well deserved.

In Bruges let me stress for the category it is in, IS NOT FUNNY, nor is it good, just my opinion. but I guess Colin Farrell had to win at some point, but quit your rambling. in fact this whole category in my opinion again is a clusterfuck, none of them are funny, and I doubt they would have given James the award for Pineapple Express. PS. Was Sandra Bullock ad libbing her presenter speak or was someone actually clever with the cue cards, either way kudos.

Guess what, I also hated Vicky Christina Barcelona, so bad, give the award to Mama Mia already, just because Pierce can’t sing ain’t no reason not to award popularity worldwide. The Hollywood Foreign Press  has fucked up in these last 2 awards me thinks.  Did anyone like the dig made toward Madonna by Sasha lol?

Kate wins best actress, double win, did anyone see that coming?, not me.  I saw the movie although well acted, it really sucked and was over the top depressing. When did Blake Lively from Gossip Girls get such large boobs?  Mad Men wins no shock there the critically acclaimed show no one watches other than critics. 

Mickey Rourke won He is such a rock star and this movie is the shit, I cried. 2nd Pick would have been Sean Penn. Evan Rachel Wood maybe used to be a uggo slut when with Marilyn Manson but she cleans up nicely, looking great.

and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE TAKES BEST PICTURE! This years feel good indie movie wins big following all the other awards now it’s Oscar time. And you know the guy who spoke for the award when he said fuck when being cut off will be all over the tabloids blogs and you tube tomorrow.


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