Beautiful People= Shallow People, Prove me Wrong? Lol

Ok, I am back, I know way to soon lol! I attempted to go shopping today, although only made it to one destination, thinking savings in mind. What a fucking gongshow it was, and then I wonder why I hate shopping, not to mention I can’t afford it. I kind of want to look somewhat presentable for Vegas trip as don’t want to look trailer trash shiek next to my rich friends lol, what’s a Gay to do?  I went to Canada’s discount shopping boutique lol, Winners.  It was insanely busy, all types of people there and no room to breathe. The store is so packed with shit, that with packed crowd, you couldn’t pass anyone without rudely being pushed into, whatever happened to excuse me?  I couldn’t find a single thing in my size that was presentable. I looked for a coat to and nadda!  I did find some nice Tommy Hillfigger shoes that were brown on brown in 2 shades for good price but walked away without getting. Shopping alone gets me nowhere, I need a second opinion of a friend not someone lookin for commission. 
I am such an online internet freak and both and my gay torrent site I frequent a lot are both down of late. I am having withdrawl, and have no hair to pull out and don’t wish to punch any more holes in the wall, lol.
I hope to go out tonite even if alone for bit to fag bar, as can’t bare another nite in alone watching movies. My neighbor was upset with me and knocked on my door today, as my subwoofer connected to computer speakers that I was watching a movie in bedroom with was to loud. I aplogized, however my original speakers broke on me, and I don’t have any proper sound without sub connnected. I guess I will have to charge me a new set now. My poor credit cards, and I haven’t even been to Vegas yet. Like I say when it rains shit, it really shit pours on me!!!!
As I wait in boredom to go out, I have been watching that Canadian TV channel, Slice. It is home of Tori and Dean show, Project Runway, and the Real Housewives series, and now a new one that has to be seen for it’s insult on Canada, Beautiful People. You just have to see the latter two shows mention and try not to hurl, that these people are REAL!
I hope everyone votes in the Election this Tuesday, and for the gays reading, don’t vote Conservative.  I didn’t and voted in the early polls. How about the American election, that Mccain is so fuckin creepy lookin and don’t get me started on the wife. Sara Palin, OMG Tina Fey says it all for the world, get off our planet.  Apparently at the end of the month she is mocking herself with Tina on SNL, if that isn’t a ratings coo, what is?
Below is the link to Beautiful People Part 1, the other 2 are on youtube as well, Your comments are welcome on this please:
Anyhoo, bye for now
Happy Thanksgiving, (where the fuck is my turkey dinner?)

About DavidSask

Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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2 Responses to Beautiful People= Shallow People, Prove me Wrong? Lol

  1. Mr. says:

    That show looks ok, does it still come on?

  2. David says:

    Yes, Beautiful People is still on, it is on Monday nights on Slice if you have cable and repeats on Saturday nite late night. It\’s just like any other reality show, trash addicting.

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