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BAG OF DIRT (cause jaymes came up with it lol)

Ah frat rock music that makes it big, guess from decade to decade there are always a few band with little newness to their appeal that slide through the cracks and damned if you just can’t help their party songs … Continue reading

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To many headings to choose from!???

Guess  this is a public diary because noone fucking reads this, piss me off.  I kissed with a boy last nite to miley cyrus track, can you top that faggotry?  I like this man I must say, yes is grown … Continue reading

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Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, etc….

So Someone I barely know but had valid reason I guess for saying so basically called me out for never saying anything positive or nice about things??  Now why do you think that is? I observe, it’s what I see, … Continue reading

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Let the Sun Shine!!!

Well with all this rain of late, one must ponder when the sun will cum out and play and stay?  I did see a gay rainbow the other day, a rarity in the sky even with all the rain of … Continue reading

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Maonna Tour Spoilers, I Can’t Fucking Wait For The Show of My Life! So Britney Spears may do opening act of Madonna’s American tour on some if not all dates?? Rumor as of now, but she is for sure doing background video for show of new human nature, link one. Wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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