Manic Monday (no not the Bangles song, ME!)

Dearest Whomever:
So hear I sit at an ungodly hour wide awake going on day 3, fuck this feeling is unbearable.  WHY u  say, I take an antidepressant to sleep and not have those bad thoughts before I sleep and during sleep, which also acts as a counter agent to help me sleep.  Well I ran out of pills, i did reorder them by phone but by time was awake drugstore closed, so next night still running on pill empy but not my fucking body.  I don’t know how illegal drug users do drugs and stay awake for days but it is fucking scary and to look at me tells alot.  It is scary that this can happen to me with a legal drug and one that it is  obviously needed.  I can see how withdrawl symptoms work with people perscribed pills etc…
So my hair continues to leave the top of my head but not everywhere else, fucking genetics, my head is currently buzzed with big bald spot on back of head there for eternity now.  I got to wearing hats, nothing like starting decades later lmfao, and I grew up on farm even funnier.  My best pals gave me some cool designer different type hats bless their hearts.  However hat head later is just brutal, even for vanity sake to cover the shiny spot lol.
So anyone addicted to downloading free shit? NO I don’t pay! Christ knows I can’t afford my living, stealing off net and the rich does not make me feel guilty, epecially after i read an entry on Mariah Carey’s diva demands for her lifesyle. Here is the link that explains it all I put on other blog to much response. 
Now I am master at getting the shit I want first and fast so I can say first at least around here lol, just like the losers on Perez Hilton’s blog who always in his comment box who always still type "first" to this day lol.  I spent a night of sharing all my new tunes with hot little Australian boy online, and it made me happy to share to the other side of the world.   I will perhaps post another list of what I have all been jamming to lately in music and movies that I often have months or weeks in advance, GOD BLESS TORRENTS AND CANADA LAW, you keep me sane, alive and happy.  So here is my bitchy review of Mariah Carey’s new CD which leaked today and I have mostly enjoyed in full I swear all day.  Some of my thoughts change from listent to listen.  Currently on my msn tagline I comment on the song I Stay In Love, It makes me sad and ponder what ifs and what was, that person hopefully knows who they are.  I miss you even when u are a cunt, your favorite word, lmfao.  REVIEW:
I love the album but she often sings over her own vocals, whatever happened to backup singers of just not doing that. 2ndly yes is great someone of every kind will like at least one song which is what is said she wanted, however there is to many great tracks ruined with the producer or guest rapper artist shouting s**t and one line shout outs over and over, beyond annoying. I hated Side Effects at first now just love it even though Jeezy sometimes annoys. Other hits are That Chick, Migrate, I Stay In Love, OOC, Bye Bye. Jermaine Duprie is just horrid with mouth, keep it shut for life esp on Mariah tracks. Props for trying to do reggae on Cruise Control but f**k that was beyond funny and likely insulting to real artists of that genre.
So this scandle with the Sask Party, me not to impressed.  I think change is good but Brad Wall is pissing me off and hopefully alot of u to.  Party hates the gays wants to abolish gay marriage and how far come, somewhat racist opinions of other minorities, and do nothing for the POOR, Station 20 West Project and just in general. Sorry but I am 2 out of these 3 things, what the fuck have u done for me lately, as the Janet song goes lol.  Shape up soon Mr. Wall or ship the fuck out buddy!
So back to me, I quit smoking in January, YEAH me right! I did it cold turkey.  I was sick for some time in that month and just couldn’t do it and then after tried to and was like this is it baby, dunzo! I think i have finally kicked it.  I now smell the peeps outside smoking and coming inside with the scent of it all over their body and skin and I literally almost have to hurl and choke not from smoking the fuckers anymore but from gross odor.  But if I wasn’t getting fat before I am now on that danger watch sign.  I like me the chocolate and fuck water when I can have juice, also only eat once a day and no exercise, HELLO! fat fuck needs to deliver on his next promise and do something there asap.  So plan is to start those walks nightly and in between start my naked yoga dvd, doesn’t require more info there.  Now i just have to get up at normal times, break the night owl shit had for years now and try and live the norm with 3 balanced meals etc ….  I just don’t think that is all possible will say now as hard when it’s just you alone and as motivator.  You know once upon a time I was the social butterfly very the life of the party, what the fuck becam of him, I fucking miss him.  Are those few reading this agreeing with me.  I never go out socially any more, I have no new clothes and well u read above. No I will not tell u my weight lol.   As I was at my sister’s place last weekend her inlaws were joking and around and it was like uncle David here may have to be Santa next year, nice eh, but that tells you enuff.  I use to be able to smile and take a picture doing so, have not been able to do that in years.  My mother pretty much told me that was why no new photos of me around, but also my fault there as not like been at any studio to attemp taking any, I always intend to, one day.
So my car, still very low mileage, (my deceased grandmother’s old car) is slowly dying all over on me.  Some my neglect most i just don’t know and things break down right usally with me in threes or more.  Knock on some fuckin wood for me double hard please lol.   I managed to renew her for another year though, thanks to my lovely mother my savior and my credit card never been worked so hard of late ughhh! If anyone has connections in automotive care that can give me deal hook me and will do what can for you! Fuck gas prices are astounding and they say by summer will be 1.50, I hope that is in error.
So I am gettin older some of it mentioned earlier and the ugly signs are there, those color hairs we don’t like, major unknown marks under my eyes at closeup beyond the bags lol.  Any cosmetology bitches out there that can help with some problems there?  So anyone make constant lists or I suppose for you rich folk your little computer pda’s???  I write notes to self all over an post on desk, computer, coffeetable, table and door, and yet I just never get to half of it or just don’t want to, fuck my get up and go has fucked off so long ago and I want it back hospital fuckin STAT! Yes the priorities are fucked but my mind is in disarray beyond belief, just save me from the funny farm my loves, I am not ready for that drugged out state, and  I don’t play cards or share my TV lmfao. Not that funny but those who know me understand.
Okay I don’t think I can handle another repeat of Mariah’s new cd, been about 20 thus far lol.  As the last song on Mariah Carey’s new cd says, "I Wish You Well"  I will try and come back more frequently!  Please comment on my writes thnks.
Much Love,

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Another gay male blogger, this one from small city, Saskatoon, SK. Canada, posting mainly different genres of the latest music. I also post sometimes on movie, book, or gay lifestyle, and last, random stuff from me. My goal is to try and be less negative, I need lots of luck with that one.
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1 Response to Manic Monday (no not the Bangles song, ME!)

  1. Mr. says:

    WOWSERS! What to comment about that hey? I dunnooooo! I haven\’t heard Mariah Bitches new cd, and I likely won\’t. I knew from the start it would suck azz, and I\’m pleased to say that in my own smirky way, I\’m right. lol. But yah, that\’s that, grab a beer, sit back, and jus chillz! Hope all gets bettah for yah, and SOON! HUGZ!

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