Gifs And Pictures November 2018 Part 2

Legally Blonde Frigid Bitch Constipated

Leo Gaga Tap

Lil Kid Raving

Lil KIm Spend Likely On Own CDS LOL

Lindsay Lohan Dancing 2018

Lisa Simpson Apple Diss

Llama WTF

Love Potion

Lucy Nope


Marilyn Manson Dildo


Mother So Old your breast milk was powdered

Musing Fire

Nick Jonas Fail Dance

No Work Bang On Mug All Day

Only From A Great Saskie Where I Am From

police pride dance fever 02

Popcorn Excited Live

Pretty Woman Big Mistake

Puppet What The Fuck Roll Eyes

Riversdale Hottie

Schitts Creek I Dont Like Your Tone

Shameless How Do I Not Recall Seeing This

Shameless Ian Ben Wa Balls 1

Shameless Ian Ben Wa Balls 2

Shameless Ian Ben Wa Balls 3

Shocked Well Maybe Not


Simpsons Depressed Yep Me On A Bad Day

Simpsons See Saw For One

Smart Baby


Smoking Evil Rage (Animated)

student sleep

student sleep response 2

That 70s Show Mom Sad Alchol Blender Pour

They Broke Up!

Too Gay To Function

Wendy Williams Pose Shade Face

WF Me Spilling Wine Every Damn Time

WTF Giphy

Xanax O' Clock

Youll Never Think Of Me The Way I Think About You



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Gifs And Pictures November 2018 Part 1

American Sniiper Faje Baby-Still Fuckin' Golden Gif

Arrested Development You're High

Baby Window Face Smears

Be Gone Bitch

Bill Nye WOW!

Brad Pirr Kill Me Friends Eps


Brandon Flowers So Hot

Britney Witch

Britney You're Wrong

Brokeback Mountain Hug

Buffet Slam

Buffy Pop Culture Reference

Cat Hi-5

Cat in Lion Costume Eats Toy Giraffe

CBB UK Jermaine Twerk


Child Going WTF

Chris Pine Heart



Classic Child Fanning Her Uniqe You Disgust Me Face

Classic Tea

Cool Lamp I Want

CP Salad CH Dinner Party

Designing Women Julia STDS

Destroy It

Dinasour Dancing

Disney Witch

Dog Cat Sleep Cuddle

Dog Chasing Bubbles

Dont Leave Me Here Alone

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

Erratic ME! minus Murderer

Ezra Miller Happy Dance

First Wives Club Fun Could Die

Flush & Frenzy Kids Poop Game

Gaga I Want Your Love

Go To Jail

Happy Fall 2

Have Day

I Don't Give A Fuck Dance

I Get Snacky

I Live For This Photo, Girl Halloween Laterz!

I'm Just So Lonely

Insecure Toes Tingle

James Van Derbeek WTF Ugly Cry

Jeff Goldblum Cool But Expensive Sweater

Judge Judy Gross Laptop Search

Kathy Bates Hail Satan


Lana Del Ray Pretend Hurt Fun

Lana Del Ray Sad Girl Bad GirlKid Fuck NO!.gif


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Gifs And Pictures- August 2018

Animation Gagging

Aretha Wig   R.I.P Queen of Soul

Breakfast Club Molly Ally Dance

Britney Huge Yawn

Buffy Cross

Chere WTF Is Madonna

Child No Chill.gif

Clueless Push

Eat A S A D And SL DGS

G Drama

GG Dorthy Fist To Mouth.gif

Harry And The Hendersons

I Don't Care

I'm Mad

Madonna Admire 1

Madonna Admire 2


Omg Perfect Stankface  Lol.gif

Riverdale Dance Sittin Moves.gif

Rupaul Bitch MessySerial Mom

Rupaul Bitch Messy

Rupaul Bitch Messy

Rupaul Bitch Messy



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Hayley Kiyoko- Curious

Hailed the Lesbian Princess by her fans, seems fitting to me as who is her competition?! This song was on Freeform’s The Bold Type TV show and I had to do search for it. Thank goodness many shows songs you can find on websites if not their own! I have seen this artist covered heavily on other blog sites, so now it’s my turn. This song is a bop, especially the chorus. This song should be playing top 40, various top charts.Get on it!!!

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Gifs And Pictures July 2018 Part 2

Lion KIng WTF


LOL Riverdale Closed Mouth Kissing.gif

Mortica Addams Family Sippin' Tea.gif

NBA Commissioner Choke LOL.gif


NO! Smackdown

Oh What In Gay Hell

Pauly WTF Strange Face.gif

Puppet Girl WTF

Rihann cunt dance

Romy & Michelle Dance Sequence

Rooster WTF.gif

Rose Under A Man.gif

Schitts Creek WOW.gif

Schitts Creek.gif

Sea Animal Clapping Hands Over Ears.gif

Shawn Mendes Tongue NO Gene Simmons.gif

Shawn Mendez WTF Gay Dance.gif


SJP Gay Porn.gif

Sky As If.gif

Smart Baby Following Lead.gif

tom daley swim dick slip

Ugly Money Handsome

Titus Ritual To The Lord

W&G Interesting Speak

Whack Job

Willow Ughh Face

The CraftWTF.gif





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Gifs And Pictures July 2018 Part 1

Beetle Juice Wynona Strange Unusual

Big Cock Bird Freaks Out On Reporter

Bring It On Classic

Bring It On Classic 2

Bubbles Somethings Fucky

Candle Lady

Christina Aguilera 2018 WTF New Lips Uggh

Clueless Gay

colton haynes nude

Complicated Slut

Creepy Puppet WTF Shut The Door

Cute Fat Child No Fucks Given Getting His Groove  On! Bless Him, As  All Kids Should Be That Free!!.gif

Dancing Old And Young



Divine Tramp White

Fllirt A Little Wink A Little

Freak Nasty (Tina Snow)

Golden Girls Going on Laughint Rant

Grudges Like Little Pets

Hair Small IAsSIP

Happy Endings Clutch The Pearls

Heather RHOOC Low Base BullShit.gif


It's The Magic Three Number

Jeff Bridges WTF.gif

Laptop Freak Out.gif

Lil Kim How Many Licks

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(NSFW) Adam Devine Full Nudity

Game,Over Man! Netflix Movie

Adam Levine 1 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 2 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 3 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 4 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 5 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 6 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 7 Game Over, Man!

Adam Levine 8 Game Over, Man!


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