Don Williams- Heartbeat In The Darkness

Old school country of the like never hear again! Don has very distinct voice, this is nice love song or heartbreak depends how u perceive it. I know my mother, great taste in music, had one of Don’s cassettes.

Now here is the most random reason why am posting this: I was flipping through gay male hook up site, dudesnude, (someone with long profile, likely sad, has this song listed in it.) The post was in recent or most viewed section upon arrival of site. I don’t recall his cock n pics, nor did I jot down his tag name. Should have, Would have, Could have!

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Kailee Morgue – F**K U (Official Video)

I love any song that has Fuck in it’s title! This is cute lil’ pop bop. Comparison in sound to Lily Allen, Cher Lloyd, Melanie Martinez. (Green text for her hair and video!)

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Alaska Thunderfuck- Vagina’ CD Spotify Preview


This is my first Spotify embed ever, shocker already confused or problematic! I can’t seem to get full song play, just snippets as will see upon view, listen above. Which you better anyhow, as this great CD for me to debut with!

Alaska is the shit music wise for RPDR Queens, she is in her own lane, sitting comfortably. Slay, Never Go Byeeee’

The tracks that so far stand out for me are, of course lead single, album name, Vagina, Everybody Wants To Fuck Me, Cellulite, Drip, and Twisted! 

Tell me what are your favorites?! 



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Unique Items I Want

Cool Lamp I Want


Jeff Goldblum Cool But Expensive Sweater

I want this sweater Jeff Goldblum has made famous! On-line social media sites peeping up pleasure wise lol. The thing with thorough research it is GUCCI, starts at $3400.00



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Kathleen Madigan- Comedian

If you are not aware of this fabulous and most hilarious comedian. I am telling you now to check out all of her comedy specials, see her live if able. I wish Kathleen would do western Canada tour, I be online so fast for tickets. You Tube will have plenty of clips to check out, have you laughing your ass off, more reason to purchase support Kathleen. One of the best comedians out there, I wouldn’t lie.


Gone Madigan


Madigan Again


Kathleen Madigan Bothering Jesus




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Race Chaser Podcast W Alaska+ Willam


If you follow Rupaul’s Drag Race and don’t follow this weekly free ForeverDog podcast, then “Snap Out Of It” -Cher)  Alaska and Willam will have you in stitches, on the floor with their commentary on RPDR; Maybe bit more inside info shared of their lives. Wednesdays on most listening platforms, you won’t regret it! 

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Werq The World Tour 2019


I have never been to a world tour of the Rupaul girls, just the odd scattering of appearances in small bar where I located. Am so happy they are touring Western Canada, continue to do so. There may be some clips on-line for look see of what this is all about. See u in October Ru Girls, can’t wait! I snagged third row floor seats!



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