Starship- Rock Myself To Sleep

A band most will know from radio, movie soundtracks, TV ads, etc.. When this ‘Cassette’ came out, “We Built This City” I gave no shits about the singles released! As soon as I heard this cover song for first time it was rewound over and over on the Walkman at 12 years of age! This should have been a single or some radio disc jockey leak it as the B-side instead of A- side and fucking takes off. Pun intended with band’s name. lol See what I did there without even trying! 

I remember singing and grooving to this song while in hotel with parents, other families conference there. My Walkman likely never left my side clip-on hip, fuck the pool and water-slides, was bopping about wherever allowed to roam in hotel lol. This, ‘this is the shit’ song will never ever tire for me! I hope you all enjoy it! Do let me know in comments please, as this post means a lot!  xo xo David 

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“Wayne”- YouTube Series Review

This series is a definite binge watch, which is what I did! Not sure how many American R-rated teen genre series exist? This is good one to start with! Violence and Explicit Language guaranteed! If anyone has seen the Netflix British teen R-Rated series, End Of The Fucking World? This is the American equivalent! (PS. Can’t wait for that series season 2) 

YouTube Originals (Premium) is putting out some great content of late, hope they are getting some great subscribers along with. The two young stars of this are fantastic actors carrying the shows ten half hour episodes, Making the supporting cast shine as well. The only characters who need not be there are the 2 dunce brothers! Wayne could easily pass look-wise as Lip’s younger brother of Showtime’s Shameless. Not hard to look at that is for sure’. Actor Mark McKenna has little on his resume, That for sure will change after this!

The music in the show is very much mixed bag. I hated it when heavy rock music song/ background sounds. When it is opposite of that, I want to look up the song asap! I disliked only one episode which of course would be an entire character flashback one. Super cool that this was filmed in Canada. I looked that up as soon as saw Store shopping scene; Flashed on 50 % off and sight of escalator. Sears anyone?! lol.

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Songs From YouTube Series “Wayne”

Songs I enjoyed from this kick ass series you must all stream from YouTube or other access can get from.  “Wayne” From Beginning Episodes to End Episodes of Enjoyment! Will Put Trailer Up With My Review Of Series!


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Gifs And Pictures- February 2019

America Fucked Up Jail System

AHS Coven We Are Fucked

Baby Throwdown Tantrum


Blade Slaughtering

Break My Back Like A Glowstick Baby

Destinys Child Classic We Don't Give A Fuck About Michelle

Fomo Broad City

Friends Danger Danger

Fuck I hope this team doesn't have those awful glasses as official Merch

Gaga being extra at Grammys

Gaga Vegas Enigma

Golden Girls Blanche Western Gear

Heathers Fuck Me Gently WIth A Chainsaw

Jesus Bart Love

JK AHS You Stupid Son Of Bitch

Kate McKinnon SNL Crazy Eye Rolls

KS Netflix Double Glasses Eyes Shade

Lana Dance Prance

Liv Empire Records

LMAO Baby Rolls Over

RPDR Alysssa Dont Log Off Delete It

Tim Gunn Disturbs Me Greatly


Wilma and Betty Flinstones WTF Faint

Worry About Yourself!





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Happy New Years Eve 2019

HYE 2019

Happy New Years Eve 2019! Thank-you to my loyal followers, all new that come along! Do tell all your friends about me if enjoy as you! It is so lovely to see the world- wide readers, viewers here! I see most hits are from old celebrity nude photos. This makes me laugh some, Do explore some more items! I hope to post more frequent this new year, not just gifs and funny pics. xo xo Not Gossip Girl. Here is naked photo of Younger’ TV Nico Tortorella! 

Nico Tortorella

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Merry Christmas!

Dirty Xmas

I love me some Tammie, she tells it like it is, old school and new school! Do look up Tammie’s work on YT, net.Tammie was on RPDR for sadly short time!

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Snoop Dogg- Smoke Weed Every Day (Dubstep Remix)

How can anyone hate this song, At least the original if you must! This remix is stellar though, makes me happy, turn it up loud: Light if have u have. Canada now has legal weed. This trap (dubstep) music remix; Not normally my thing, works for me with its every beat and drop. Snoop, very much relevant to this day in many facets, never stop! 

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