Happy New Year 2020


Thank you everyone for being loyal followers! Here is hoping new decade brings some positive changes world wide!

Now one beyotch statement, Why do majority of you mainly click on nude celeb posts? Makes me wonder if deleted them all?! Spread the love around boys and girls, pretty please! xo xo – davidsask

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To All!

Thanks for being the dedicated followers you are, it does’t go unnoticed trust. Do tell more of your friends though. A few updated changes have to figure out on site, Will see soon how works out.

Cats Christmas

Christmas Twerk

Mariah  finally want number one with this song after many a year, put out this new video for it. Will be interesting to see if can keep number one into new decade?!

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Gifs And Pictures December 2019

Adam Sandler LOL Spit Cerial

CB Depressed Not Hapy

Cheer Leeders Pump Our Gas

Garfield Fuckin Fat Fat I Relate


Jawbreker Classc Gf

Lord Of Rings F Bomb

Marilyn Ohhh

Meryl Death


Thanks for nothing Bobby King Of The Hill




Dong Or Death




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Gifs And Pictures November 2019

160205_originalCruil Intentions Riding MehcdEnnQC_o"Red Sparrow" New York PremiereSamantha Sex And The City Fuck....Snoop Martha Happy Holidaystumblr_ph6rq7Im9i1qb77hzo4_250White-Party-Alyssa-PosterxiRoGmmAmHaa35aEYQDtW1x6IushSdbFSXxV2JW4yYLNlLVIOHdrwEiZG80VW8QANNNow9myYPTbGdTIUF4v6oMjTnFqcCP2N0x9rx7BiUrcpxWYrxMyPEtSNNGS3EGNRSMEOSf1e6W6XupUg7ZNEA.gifChris Evans Promo Pic.gif159717_originalBlack Boy SIdeEye.gif1285322_original.pngZac Effron Shhh.gifThanks for nothing Bobby King Of The Hill


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Lil Kim- Promotion Interview & Stream For “9” CD

Different faces  etc… but still bringing queen. Helps when Nicki  gone for while. Shame no mainstream radio video play. Hope she gets a Cardi B collaboration!

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Gifs And Pictures October 2019

Winnie The Pooh Fall Leaves

Winnie Simple How You Doing

Who Are You

Adams Family Nose Grow Back

SouthPark Shut Your Fuckin Pie Hole

Snuggle Blanket

Schitts Creek Pleasurable

Pus Fuck

Party Monster

Not Sorry Bitch

Katya Spreading

Karooke Girl Showing That Sass

I love this Gif so have to post agaiin!

Harry Potter Angry All The Time

Fall Charlie Brown

Dog Piano

Depressed Stupid Things

Cock Bounce Off My Stage

Cartman 2

Backstreet Boys Funny

Baby Couch Face Plant LOLAMH Breakfast Club

Alice Birthday Cake

Who’s  face is this, I would sue?



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Mini Gif Post- September 2019

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