BookSmart (2019) Movie Review


Summary: Some Superbad, Harold +Kumar & Muriel’s Wedding

Been around since the 80’s maybe before, but this nerd mix gone wild to the rager, this is one I didn’t dislike. 2 gals this go around and no spoiler one is straight, one is lesbian. Nice loud frequently played current songs, yes bit sarcasm there lol.

The argument in movie was misplaced where it ended up happened, same for what happened after. But that’s how the middle of the movies go! Nice to see Noah Galvin Playing Gay And No Longer Being Blackballed From Industry! Nice Directing Role For Olivia Wilde, am impressed!

Nerds and Clique Unite! Not A spoiler, Hello: How Old Are You Not To Know This Whole Sub Genre? 7/10

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Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (2019) TV Review


Summary: Love Wanda, This Sadly Is Nothing New Comedy Wise For Her!

I really love this woman, LOL very hard with her specials, most acting roles. Having said this: This special was a little disappointing. The first half was all about Trump and politics. The latter was about her wife and kids. (Family half seemed repetitious ) There really was no in between. To Wanda’s credit, she did announce to crowd if Trump lover, this not show for you. Sadly 5/10

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Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ (TV) (2019)- TV Review


Summary: Nice To See Classic TV Shows Redone Live With No Changes, Not A Movie

It is sad that this was brought back to today’s time for viewing as that is how far backward today’s society has come. Having said that, this was wonderfully done. Woody Harrelson and Jamie Foxx as the male stars played roles just like original, bravo! Wanda Sykes was greatest in female lead. I was not expecting 88 year old Marla Gibbs back for her role. Not sure if meant to be that or if announced had to cancel?! Jennifer Hudson did great job of singing Jefferson’s theme song! Everyone else was adequate and looked part playing, So good. I hope the demographic of this live show brings in some views and thoughts from the young ones of today. 7/10


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Gifs And Pictures Mini Post (May 19, 2019)

AHS Witch Burn

Big Boy Sunglass Flip WTF

Britney No Fucks To Give Double Clap

Eat My Shorts Breakfast Club

Frog Help

Go Jump Back Up Your Mother

Kid Crying At His School Play Just Hating It

Lindsay Elizabeth I'm Bored I'm So Bored

Now That Is Sketch Commitment Vagina Opening




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Giant Little Ones (2018) Movie Review

Giant Little

This was a great movie find for me, am pretty up to date with alternative’ genre. This movie has great actors all throughout was very impressed.

Kyle MacLachlan and Maria Bello bring name status if you will. Furthermore so great in researching, this is debut movie for its director and writer. Even more happy that this is from my home country Canada. It does not carry bad rep like many Canuck movies often do. 

My only complaint was the few sexy scenes they were made all too dark, not sure why one would go that route?! Even a night light would have sufficed with camera placing he he. The music was great which I often find too dominating and awful in many a movie; Am now planning to find songs. I had no problem with the ending. 8/10

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Monster Party (2018) Movie Review


Summary: Chop It To Pieces All Reviewers Should Say

This movie is just next level bad, at least it has video clarity wise. The roles and actors playing them horrid for horror. Watch A+ movies like Hostel and others in similar well received/watched rated movies. There are plenty with easy searches. Skip it and have a lovely whole day doing something else! 3/10

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Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate (2019) TV Review


Summary: Few Laughs, “Peace Out”!

This needed to be pulled archive, best of the show. The entertainers, (debatable) may be fans, but based on this, most of them never be in same league.

So many cringe moments, the f-bomb was used so often, casually! It was great to see Lily Tomlin, in updated mode. I loved seeing Loni Anderson as blast from past rarely seen and still hot. Billy Crystal I think had best bit, deserving to be there!

Last they made Neal Patrick Harris (way to much % of screen time) (irony since had cancelled variety show) pretty much the host along with Tiffany Haddish (vulgar beyond) All in all, this was a disgrace to Laugh-In, Sad the very elderly creator was there, took it all in happily. 4/10 being not LOL generous

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