Stranger Things- Season 3 Review

stranger things

Summary: Season 3: Don’t Expect Love Found In Series Prior

Oh Look its the Big Bad ******** What other nationality could it be after the North Americans esp. in the 80’s? A muscle head lead of them stereotyped to look act like one of biggest action stars of era, far further.. The rest of the villains are cartoon like Austin Powers,their set around them as well!

One ‘Scooby’ Doo gang’ is superior to other, 100 percent more entertaining. The monster is scary creation. 11′ is barely in show, frankly aren’t we bored with her. (Actor portray her grossly overpaid and overrated) Nice to see other actors shine in roles with more screen time. The cop is just over the top, behaviorism alarming to everyone esp. females. No one should think of him as heroism!

It’s a “red code red code red code”, over and over. If i was I was on the other side of the walkie talkie it would be on mute! If they don’t hive the two toothpick boys a make-over for last season, (get those petitions going fans) The mushroom bowl hair cuts, thick eyebrows, shorts way above knee level!

Actor Jake Busey in his cartoon switch, sounded like Jack Nicholson from the Shining, Not a compliment!

“The Never Ending Story” of the last season is little old 11 should be the special number now know as 13 lol. All her powers will be transferred to any loved character(s) for most episodes if not all. Switch it up creators as she is not the knees bees for many viewers! Next year’s creature is straight rip off of P*******!

I did not binge this, was close to two weeks, which speaks volumes. Remember Season 1 where that Halloween every character was costume that year? Well that was one an done?! I hope the last forth season brings it back to that hype all across the board.



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Point Blank (2019) – Movie Review

point blank

Summary: Did The Three Well Known Actors Need Money Between Hard Times And Enjoy Low Budget Experience?

Lets do something unlawful and take a hostage. Who is all dirty? blah blah blah. Netflix do TV and Documentary series which do good with viewer and your investment?! Very unoriginal, basic cable where belongs.

“What kind of fi**n car wash is this?” only funny was in trailer.

Music was horrid and random to what be applicable to movie. The sound was horrid bad even if to max of your media. Only gun use and other random violent sound is overall loud. Your neighbors be pissed, as are us viewers having to adjust with remote entirety movie. Some firing employees needed to be done there! 3/10


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Euphoria (2019) TV Series Review


Summary: Not Sure Who Watches This On HBO? Is Netflix Teen Demographic Binge Show 

It’s the movie Kids, with Havoc, and few others mixed into the combo for new era to see. Does it check off this box, and this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one….. Yep Should be of little surprise. Nice to see Zendaya do big girl role. The show sucked me in good. PS. Few scenes with full male nudity yeah! Not going to lie, I wanted to binge! 7.5/10


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Summary: I Have To Stop Watching Teen Shows On Netflix!

Ummmm The Soundtrack was great! The lesbian is hard to look at for ten episodes, and like never changes appearance is the take I got. The one girl who met a new guy, he was hot, and the close up french kissing mmmm. You saw the start of the show, you know the end of the show. If this gets a second season, so undeserving for those shows not teen demographic that got the knife. The whole group’ thing was a joke, as no realistic follow-up on their addiction. 4/10


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BlacKkKlansman(2018)- Movie Review


Summary: How True To The Story Is This?

As My Thought above, this movie seemed exaggerated to me. Whatever status of it is, the movie, is so damn long, Lots of repetitive scenes, dialogue. I personally am not a fan of either of the leads so that didn’t assist in my stars for this movie rating. 

The movie soundtrack score is so loud obnoxious over bearing. Music may have been chosen for this era, was not excuse for this! I can’t make any funny witty puns given film subject. 3/10


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Special Gif Post- Chuck The Goonies

I love this classic movie and the star of it for me is Chuck!

Goonies Chuck 1

Goonies Chuck 2

Goonies Chuck 3

Goonies Chuck 4

Goonies Chuck 5

Goonies Chuck 6

Goonies Chuck 7

Goonies Chuck 8

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Gifs And Pictures- September 2019

Bearded Circle Perfect.gif

Cat Mean Mug WTF.gif

Chris Crotch Adjustment

Chris Evans Cry

Cruel Intentions Joshua

Dont Trust The Bitch

Family Guy Attention

get (1)

Homer Wedding Dress

Lindsay Lohan Gold Gif The Shaming Lol

Man Running Garbage Can Puke

penis nose cat adoption

Purple Woman Open Legs

Rocking Kids On School Chairs


WTF Mariage Kiss

You Tried LOL Dive Fail

Younger waterpark in my pants


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