Katy Perry- Witness CD Cover Art



This whole era of Katy’s is going to be her first major fail! 3 songs in and all meh, dated, or overall bad! New American Idol judge, a show no one wants to return, after all higher on chain” before her had job, more talented, sing great live, Why? Such an insult to new singers trying to break into business The other judges whomever are best be of credible worth, likely get shit for pay now! Hanging out with Paris Hilton now, as commenter in other blog said, You can’t “premeditate” a Britney Spears break-down, almost identical as last resort to save your current era! Is good soap opera unveiling each day regardless.

Katy Kats and pop fans: Don’t be stupid and buy new tour tickets until heard new album, clear direction of what promised and set list!!  Kelly Clarkson, far superior to Katy,: After years being offered job, finally gave in; Will be judge on The Voice: Season 14, Spring 2018. “What doesn’t kill ya, will make her stronger!” lmfao, How it will break down on Katy’s fall’ era.   I only see American Idol getting strong start off ratings March 2018, as it will air Sundays on ABC. (a not great night anymore for “network” TV aired shows)                    

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Gifs And Pictures- April 2017

2 Boys Gay Snow Man


Adore Delano

Amanda Lepore

Baller Bro Hug

Buffy Grossed Out Face


Car Slam By Security

Cat Roll Ball To Floor

Charlie Chocolate Factory Cunt'

Classic WTF

Climb To Top

Creepy Naked Videogame Dude


Daredevil WTF

DJ Goose

Donut Finger

EHH.... NO

Goalie Mascot Shove

GOT Cunt


Head Drop Bitch Apt 23

Heathers New In Town

Hockey Carwheel Goalie Save

Hockey Dance Gymnast Move

I Am Shooketh

Jessica Fletcher Yah Right

Kid Super Happy Birthday Party

KIH Sir Gross

Kirstin Dunst Fanning Marie Antonette

KITH Middle Finger

Life Tear Apart

Mean Girls Im so Shocked

Michael Shannon Hot Smoke

Miss J

MM Speaker Podium Shove

mollie king shock face

Nicki Minaj Before & After

Orphan Black Vodka Pull

Penny Happy Endings Everything Dance

Pete Burns RIP Botch Surgery Face

Seinfeld George No

Sex And The City Ladies WTF Faces

Shawn Mendez Gay Hands

Show Girls Holy Water

Spongebob Its Lit

Sunny Jobs

Taylor Trihard

team ass pat

The Office Champagne Spray

Trump Protester Love Dick Not Dictator

N To The O

Dancing Deeath Like

Veep Man Least Horrible


Willam Bottom

Wizard Of Oz Brain Parody

WTF Binoculars Computer

Wynonna Sag Awards WTF

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Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely (Official Video)

Dua Lipa is getting some extra fire notice, adding her vocals to pop dance/ EDM, (whats current’ sound wise) with this track. Hey you gotta do, what you gotta do; Especially when so many young females in singing game of late?! I love love this girls vocals, they flow real genuine, no doctoring needed if choice be hers.  Dua, is still way under-rated, hope that changes some with this track, exposure brings, gets chart and industry positions to put her in the game, as woman staying there when reach!

Martin Garrix, I am hit or miss with. However if keeps putting artists like Dua on his tracks, with sound worked with well to their vocals; Please bring forth more!  I am going to put a Dua solo track on this post as well, I have lost count how much I have listened to said song, “Room For Two”, It has a bit Lorde’ sound to it in parts no? That is never a bad thing, (Ps. Can’t wait for Lorde’s new single CD coming soon grapevine saying such today!) Furthermore, check out her accoustic version of Etta Jame’s, I would rather Go Blind” If I stanned’ this girl in efficient manner intended to, I hope I brought her new fans & sales. Let me know in comments readers, never hear from you all?! sadface.) 

If I am to comment on video, was hot, beautiful, better than norm in same genre!

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Lost Kings – Quit You ft. Tinashe

Really been late on updating new music, my bad all, but here goes number one post with maybe eight to follow, if stay on track lol. 

Tinashe is every music bloggers It’ Darling! I enjoy many of her tracks, few features she puts vocals on as well, Snakehip’s “All My Friends” anyone? that track is still dope! I am hit or miss on straight up R&B tracks, so my stan card is not as lit fire as other bloggers. I do like this woman, her hustle is impressive, gets recognition fashion wise as well as she should. Shame industry heads keep fucking her over, not giving her $ push when she working well’, keeping it forward. Hope that changes for you Tinashe, as you put in the work, deserve more A level main stream!  

On to Tinashe’s latest collab: This song kind of sits in the middle for me, Not great, awful, or even internet Meh’ its just good. The song fits right in with sound of what is all currently in top 40, pop dance genre. In other words, this song could be the Chainsmokers! GPS of main act regardless, it trips me out in bad way, that COLDPLAY’ is name dropped in song?! WTF, reason so required, hope there was some payola, great favour granted in return! 

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David Guetta, Ariana Grande – This Ones For You (Demo)

I prefer this version over the Zara Larsson one that became the single! Regardless great take- away out of it all is that we now know Ariana can kill it on a House,Dance, EDM song!!! Offsite links below, give it a listen if still working! 





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My Brutal Thoughts ZAYN, Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

When this song first had its debut to my ears before holidays, I was like meh, few more listens with headphones ( maybe? lol the odd altered state of mind) began to be more tolerable, The song  then got to point, where analyse each structure of song. with my third way intake of song. Zayn’s straining his voice to be higher than all of the Bee Gees’ members made me cringe.

Finally, any idiot can tell, said song was presented as solo ZAYN venture.  When they do breakaways to Taylor’s added (insisted she partake vocals); It sounds exactly as was recorded: Miss ego, by self in a far away little recording room, little fucks given, no fails recorded? no stopping now. However, her alteration fix to song, will make it number one, (Which it probably has already?!)

The studio heads surely had plan in place as well, Wanting to top or duplicate placement overall sales of the soundtrack, to horrid Fifty Shades franchise movie; This one song alone will do it! I am not up for looking, but all but certain the soundtrack from first movie, made more $$$ than shit movie?!  (Am sure Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj collab single will get next big push as Halsey tune, second song chosen not good or hearing much of yet?!)

The smart, know truth of it like myself, yet flock of Taylor’s huge following, lap it up, defend as best artistry ever, because it is her!! (It was minutes of her time, it shows, but girl got to keep name out there, twitter promote hell out of it usual useless shit; There is reason Taylor gets specifically called out esp. on net for never speaking out on any world issues in rough times, been for sometime now??!  Bitch also gives vibes in general like, never enough in the bank?!   Yes I went on a tangent, but do I tell any lies? (Kathy Bates lies gif lol) Not a fan of the Swifty &  being on song period! Take your overexposure once again, squawk about with your squad, Leave world’s ears alone for few years!!! Wouldn’t it be something if payola scam was ever involved with Taylor?

Now for the video: Flashing red lights, like either one of you ever be in red light district of Amsterdam, or outright with any real kink sex in lifetime? Taylor rolling around in black undergarments, red whore lipstick,Vomit; At least no close-ups of her flat ass! Zayn giving his moody anxiety self, I thought a walk outside be good to show for him? No such luck, made a stroll through hotel bar.  Zayn like any appearance ever, wonders about also in black’ suit. When there are colors of grey like in video, it does not exude any sex references to movie it promotes?! You want “bd /sm”theme. Could have been for video?! Take the grey draperies from all rooms shown in, Wrap around naked selves, gyrate around, pretend u have some dark thought & sex action amongst you, etc… (That be their Academy acting reel attempts there lol)  Wrapping towards end, pun intended, put drapes around necks, tightly wound around. (dont have to show direct violence end meaning with hanging, just no missed implications what would lead to)  CLOSE UPS, AS CLOSE AS CAN BE, ON PRIOR MENTIONED, TALENT HAVE SAY ON POSITIONS OF BODIES TOGETHER AS SUCH,  FADE OUT…….. GREY…., GREYER,….. GREYEST,…. END VIDEO ALL GREY SCREEN. (just a twisted as fuck idea, that would make more sense correct, In comparison to the fluff, wrong over all entire concept wise, tie in =movie fail, ended up with.)

These two image wise, NEED a few gays to sparkle their pin color wheel, with future fashion wears! It would be of zero world importance, likely give their stans’& screw faces like me, Something different to take note of. One would lose super hard if betting on it: N Neither artist is going away. For at least,…On planet earth, ‘blink away’ you will never be granted of any time to miss them? When this song rolls out of charting position after likely entire year; Both T & Z  be hitting us at least audio wise, with more can’t escape its venom to ears any public place music broadcast. If a video part of package or media tabloid visuals follow, as 100 for certain will. Say to yourself, “Well fuck, Finally both of them, Pops of color modelled on them, in photo setting!”That be closest change you see for either, “(silent’ nods to gays, they no speak of), Who made them normal endearing yet en-vogue: Briefest of times, before they fuck that good will etc… up as well! Fifty’ any shades darker’ neither artist will be, yet both struggle keep thinking are such! If both live to age of 50′, Will still project same rot & repeat, working all for $$$, still no substance, wisdom bestowed upon. In taking in of all I barfed at you, be real readers”!:  Would you ever bump uglies to this song, would your partner comment judge if did attempt? Exactly, , fucking vanilla like to this pop song; let alone bd/sm suppose to accompany try with is going to hurt you. Not the good hurt you were expecting, humiliation feels worst to experience in life happening & Final fuck you, no topping’: You never even got to once, eek out your safe word!    LMMFAO I will laugh uncontrollably, if any of this, even smallest foretell, actually were to come to fruition!!!


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Gifs And Pictures- January 2017




















































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