Happy New Years Eve 2019

HYE 2019

Happy New Years Eve 2019! Thank-you to my loyal followers, all new that come along! Do tell all your friends about me if enjoy as you! It is so lovely to see the world- wide readers, viewers here! I see most hits are from old celebrity nude photos. This makes me laugh some, Do explore some more items! I hope to post more frequent this new year, not just gifs and funny pics. xo xo Not Gossip Girl. Here is naked photo of Younger’ TV Nico Tortorella! 

Nico Tortorella

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Merry Christmas!

Dirty Xmas

I love me some Tammie, she tells it like it is, old school and new school! Do look up Tammie’s work on YT, net.Tammie was on RPDR for sadly short time!

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Snoop Dogg- Smoke Weed Every Day (Dubstep Remix)

How can anyone hate this song, At least the original if you must! This remix is stellar though, makes me happy, turn it up loud: Light if have u have. Canada now has legal weed. This trap (dubstep) music remix; Not normally my thing, works for me with its every beat and drop. Snoop, very much relevant to this day in many facets, never stop! 

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Bad Reputation – Trailer

I am so eager to watch this documentary on inducted into Rock N’Roll Hall Of Fame, JOAN JETT! I grew up with her music; Remember the first time her music was in my ears with uncle’s huge stereo headphones. Still to this day crank up her and the band Blackheart’s whenever on radio or choosing other platforms. If new to Rock music, or need new recall; This a legend pioneer to start with. Joan and the band are still cranking out new music and tours. Now if only they would release this documentary outside Amazon, Hopefully sooner than later!

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Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan – Live or Die (Official Audio)

I still have mad love for this song, Bop sing to it when can. It is just different structured, for me anyhow on comparison levels! This deserved to have more exposure as in mass wide radio shows, Promotion even if personal problems gave way. They had a nasty break-up soon after drop of song. Personally If I knew had great song; Would go out it alone to get it heard, charted, move on. Anyone else feel how I do?

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Gifs And Pictures 2018

Adams Family Snap

As In Spirits Booze

Big Girl Huge Pony Toss

Bugs Bunny Life Seriously Get Out Alive

Can You Belive

CB Nobody Sent Me A Christmas Card

Child Dog Duo Costumes

Chris Pratt All Fat Again

Chucky I hate Kids

Congrats On The Sex

Creative Christmas Tree


Cruella Miserable Wretched

Disney Candy Blowjob

Drew Doomed To Wander The Planet Alone ForeverEzra Miller Fantastic Beasts Premiere

Fashion Blowjob Sign

Grinch Eating Because Bored

Grinch Models

Have Day

Hellfire FU

JC Dumb And Dumber Head Slapping

Jesus Christmas Sandles

Justin Timberlake So Twin Peaks Creepy And Got Fug

Kitten Harry Potter

LMMFAO Whomever Made This Gif Kudos

Marge Sisters Simpsons Hail Satan

Marge Thats Illegal

Peter Family Guy Secretary Long FingerNails

Pocket Middle Finger

Positivity Negative

Santa Rudolf Bullied

Shania Twain Butchered Face

Sick Of Same Music

Small Wonder Slam Door Girls Face

So Cute Baby Giving That Look

Sound Of Music Puppet Show

Top Gun TC Yes Ma'AmWasted Bang Some Random Dude


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Watch Stevie’s Master Class episode in its entirety (extra footage)

Stevie Nicks a great music legend. This is a great Oprah produced episode! What a life she has led and still will. Highly recommend. Learn your rock history, that’s right kids: ROCK


oprah_presents_master_class_logoOn Sunday, March 24, 2013, The OWN Network premiered Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class with Stevie Nicks. In the revealing episode, Stevie talked about her early years with her musician grandfather (A.J. Nicks), the influence of her pragmatic mother (Barbara Nicks), her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, her ill-fated marriage to Kim Anderson, and her addictions to cocaine and Klonopin.

Additional unaired footage

Stevie talks about the importance of writing.

Stevie talks more in depth about her breakup with Lindsey Buckingham.

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